Many parents can become anxious about their child’s dental health, feeling overwhelmed by busy schedules and a world full of sugary treats The truth is, keeping your children cavity free can be easier than your think. The key to good oral health for your kids is in your hands because it starts with teaching them the most basic skill: how to care for their teeth, and in a relaxed, happy setting.

At home basics: brushing twice a day, flossing once a day
Teaching your children how to brush and floss correctly has to start at an early age. If you let your baby see you brushing, even making a game of it, they could be more likely to want to pick up a brush when it’s their turn. At the point where your child can hold a brush, show them how it’s done, and remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Same goes for flossing. Let them see how you floss, and then show them how to do it. These basics can help your child have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

At the dentist basics: professional cleanings and checkups twice a year
Visiting the dentist can start by bringing your child in for a personal tour and a chance to get accustomed to the new environment. And your pediatric dentist has special training and techniques that help their first visits go smoothly.

Tell them what to expect, and how great their teeth look and feel after they’ve been cleaned
If you are positive about your own trips to the dentist, it will help your child have a much more positive experience when they come to see us. Younger children’s teeth are cleaned using an electric brush and special toothpaste. Older children’s teeth are cleaned with an ultra sonic electric tool and manual tools to make sure plaque is removed.

When it comes to your child’s health, don’t ignore the basics
Good dental care isn’t only essential to your child’s oral health, but it’s also a basic part of their overall health. Make an appointment today: (800) 717-KIDS.