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At Children’s Dental FunZone, we take pride in treating kids with special needs. Our goal as a special needs dentist is to do all that we can to provide them with a comfortable environment that will make them feel relaxed while getting all of their dental needs taken care of. In the end, we want to work together to give these special children everything they need from their dental provider.

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Accommodations for Children with Special Needs

At Children’s Dental FunZone, it is always a privilege when you entrust your child to us. We take this honor seriously, particularly when it comes to special needs care. Our team members delight in providing safe, comfortable environments for children who are on the autism spectrum, children with Down’s Syndrome, and children with other genetic disorders.

To help your child feel relaxed and at ease for their appointment, we offer a wide range of accommodations. Some examples include:

  • We can schedule early-morning appointments for children who tend to be at their best when they are fresh from sleep.
  • We offer special, private rooms for children with special needs who feel more comfortable when they have their own dedicated space.
  • A full range of sedation options are available for children who have a higher level of anxiety about their dental visit.

How is a Treatment Performed on a Child With Special Needs?

At Children’s Dental Funzone, we can provide Nitrous gas (laughing gas) and general anesthesia for children with special needs, which makes the treatment as comfortable and as least traumatic as possible.  Our dentist will also take the time to make sure that the child gets a thorough cleaning and that the parents understand how to properly care for their kid’s teeth at home.  By working together, our dentist and the parents or caregivers can make sure that a child with special needs gets a high-quality dental treatment that will keep their teeth strong and healthy. 

Are Special Measures Taken When Treating Autistic Children?

Here at Children’s Dental FunZone, it is our purpose to provide the best care to the little ones who we are entrusted with. For a special measure, we provide a private room to accommodate the child’s needs and ensure they receive the best treatment.

Why People Choose Us!

At Children’s Dental FunZone, we treat your child as if they were our own, advocating for their best interests and ensuring the highest standards of comfort, safety, and care. We invite you to contact us at (800) 717-KIDS(800) 717-5437 with any questions about seeing a special needs dentist in your area.