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One of the things that sets Children’s Dental FunZone apart is our combination of pediatric dental care with orthodontics, all under one roof. When your child reaches the age when orthodontic intervention is needed, we are happy to assist.

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Care for Children?

Not every child requires braces, but every child is deserving of a beautiful, confident smile. And sometimes, braces may be needed to achieve that smile. Orthodontic intervention not only provides your child with a healthy smile, but it can also offer better speech, improve the function of your teeth, greater ease in brushing and flossing, and a lower risk of dental complications down the road.

What Orthodontic Services are Offered at Children’s Dental FunZone?

When you bring your child to one of our locations for routine care, our dentist will assess the need for preventative measures. Sometimes, sound oral hygiene early in life can diminish the need for orthodontics down the road. Preserving the health of the baby teeth can help keep the permanent teeth properly aligned.

When children reach age seven or eight, and have their first permanent molars and anterior teeth in place, we may recommend orthodontic care as needed. We are happy to discuss in-house options for braces and other types of orthodontic intervention. Note that we provide free orthodontic consultations for all children.

What are the Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Treatment?

CDFZ Ortho Page Cross bite

Cross Bite

Top teeth inside; bottom teeth outside

CDFZ Ortho Page Open Bite

Open Bite

No overlap between top
and bottom front teeth

CDFZ Ortho Page Deep Overbite

Deep Overbite

Top front teeth completely
cover bottom ones

CDFZ Ortho Page Large Gaps

Large Gaps

CDFZ Ortho Page Crowding overlapping


CDFZ Ortho Page Crossbite of th front teeth

Crossbite of the
Front Teeth

CDFZ Ortho Page under Bite


CDFZ Ortho Page buckedteeth

Protrusive or “Bucked” Teeth

The only way to know for sure that your child is ready for braces is to schedule a consultation with an Orthodontist, who can assess the bite and recommend the appropriate course of action.

My Child Still Has Baby Teeth. Does That Mean it is Too Early for Braces?

Although there is a general misconception that orthodontics can only be started after all of the baby teeth have fallen out, the truth is that a lot more can be done if your child has a consultation earlier. Since the bones are not fully formed before puberty, it may be easier to expand the bones and prevent future crowding using orthodontic appliances. In fact, early detection of many malocclusions can be treated with orthodontics.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

It really depends on the child since no two children are alike. The average time is two years, but orthodontic treatment can sometimes take as little as six months or as long as three years.

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Children’s Dental FunZone makes it easy for your child to receive comprehensive oral health care, including pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, under one roof. We are proud to advocate for your child, treat them like our own, and help them achieve the beautiful smiles they deserve. Contact us at (800) 717-KIDS(800) 717-5437 when you are ready to schedule a free orthodontic consultation at one of our convenient locations.

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