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Comprehensive Oral Examination

One of the most important components of your child’s routine dental care is having a comprehensive examination. At Children’s Dental FunZone, our pediatric dentists are skilled in assessing your child’s oral health and hygiene in a way that’s relaxed and comfortable, keeping your child fully at ease.

The oral exam begins with a quick assessment of the teeth, checking them for any cavities. The dentist will also assess the gums, tongue, and other soft tissues, making sure everything is how it should be. Remember, our goal is not just to provide a thorough assessment, but to help your child feel totally comfortable going to the dentist. As such, we always involve kids in their exams, letting them know what is happening and inviting them to ask any questions along the way.

Teeth Cleaning

Routine dental cleanings are an important way to preserve your child’s smile and prevent cavities. Our team are skilled in keeping each cleaning quick and low-key, while still ensuring thorough results. We use special polishing pastes that work better than standard toothpaste, and we clean up the dental enamel using a special polishing machine. Your child will have the opportunity to pick flavors they enjoy for all of their dental cleanings.

Dental Fillings and Sealants

While we aim to help our young patients prevent cavities, sometimes cavities simply cannot be avoided. In these situations, your child’s dentist may recommend the use of dental fillings or sealants. Sealants are used to prevent further decay where cavities have been found, especially on the permanent molars. Dental fillings may be required when there is significant decay, or when the cavity has caused other major problems with the tooth.

Dental Crowns

When the cavity is so large and has involved multiple surfaces of the tooth, therefore it cannot optimally be repaired by a dental filling. In this case, preformed dental crowns are used to save the tooth. As with all of our other treatments, we make sure children feel comfortable during their procedure, and we involve them in the process as much as possible. We aim to provide good oral care while also ensuring your child has a positive experience every time they visit the dentist.

Why Choose Us

Children’s Dental FunZone is known for providing excellent pediatric dental and orthodontic care. We strive to create a fun environment for your kid, and we assist you by offering convenient locations and same-day availability. We encourage you to be in the same room with your child, no matter the procedure. More than anything, Children’s Dental FunZone stands out because we treat your child as if they were our own.

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