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At Children’s Dental FunZone, patient comfort and safety are among our top priorities. We are pleased to provide a range of sedation options, both to prevent your child from experiencing discomfort during their procedure but also to alleviate any anxiety. We are always happy to answer any questions about sedation, or about our emphasis on your child’s safety.

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Considering Anesthesia?

Most of the time, anesthesia is not required for pediatric dental procedures. With that said, we understand that your child may be especially tense about their visit to the dentist, and you may feel better if your child is allowed to sleep through their procedure.

Our anesthesia services are performed by an in-house anesthesiologist, someone with expansive training, experience, and certification in the safe administration of pediatric anesthesia. Simply put, your child is in good hands when they come to Children’s Dental FunZone.

One thing to keep in mind is that while anesthesia can sometimes offer an improved patient experience, it is typically not covered by insurance. We are pleased to provide financing options, including coverage under Care Credit.

Behavior Management

At Children’s Dental FunZone, every member of our team has special training in using a variety of approaches to help your child have a positive and happy dental experience.  Our goal is to engage and make every patient feel at ease during their treatment.  We understand that every patient has different levels of comfort and we are trained to make them feel at ease and have a pain-free experience.

Sedation Options

Nitrous or Laughing Gas

Our dentists offer nitrous gas, also known as “laughing gas,” because it is a safe and effective way to help alleviate some of your child’s dental anxiety. The gas is administered through a simple nose piece, and can be provided in a number of scents, including grape, strawberry, and bubble gum. Not only does nitrous gas help distract your child from strange sounds or uncomfortable feelings, but it also decreases the gag reflex. It minimizes the risk of your child throwing up during treatment, and can also enhance their feeling of numbness.

For most of our patients, a positive dental experience can be achieved through a combination of nitrous gas and a little bit of TLC.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation

If your child is too nervous for the nitrous gas to be effective, and with parental approval, we may invite the anesthesiologist into the room to deliver and monitor continuous IV sedation. This not only helps minimize pain and physical discomfort, but it also helps your child be still in their seat, allowing the dentist to quickly finish the procedure.

When administered by a highly trained and licensed anesthesiologist, IV sedation is very safe. And in many cases, IV sedation is covered by insurance. Speak to one of our financial coordinators for additional details.

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Why Choose Us

The greatest advantage of putting a child to sleep while getting their dental work done is that they will not be traumatized by their dental work.

Some of the medications that are used actually help the child forget all about what happened during the treatment. Also, once the child is completely asleep, all treatment, including x-rays, fillings, crowns, and cleanings can be done at once in a manner that is not traumatic or scary for the child.

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