Thinking about having your child’s first trip to the tooth doctor? Well, we all know our children will eventually be heading down that road, don’t we? While any dentist can check on your child’s tiny pearly whites, nothing compares to letting a pediatric dentist do the job. A pediatric dentist is not just any other dentist, but one who is especially meant to check on your kiddo.

Getting to Know a Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist is a professional who is dedicated to the oral health of infants, children, and teens. A person’s oral condition, including the teeth, gums, and mouth, undergo constant changes throughout the years of childhood; and a pediatric dentist is equipped with knowledge, qualifications, and experience to deal with them.

A child gets his first baby tooth usually during the sixth month of life. After six to seven years, he starts to lose his first set of teeth. They are then replaced by permanent or secondary teeth. It is important for parents, and a dental professional, to provide their children with proper dental care as decay and other diseases could occur throughout the years.

Services and Treatments from Pediatric Dentists

There are various oral health treatments and services that pediatric dentists can provide to your child, including oral health exams, which are done to monitor your child’s oral health and assess the risk for any possible complications. Cleaning and fluoride treatments, as well as nutritional advice, are also provided by a pediatric dentist to prevent dental problems. Other than preventive measures, a pediatric dentist also repairs tooth defects, crooked teeth, dental injuries, and manages gum diseases and other oral conditions.

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