You may be aware of how dental procedures, or even just dental check-ups, can be traumatic for your child – especially if it’s his or her first time. Putting them to sleep with the use of general anesthesia during the procedure can be a traumatic thought for you too! It is not unusual for most parents to feel uncomfortable about their child being put to sleep with an anesthesia; however, it can provide more benefits than you can imagine.

To help relieve your anxiety, it is always best to be aware of what happens during your child’s dental procedure using general anesthesia.

Who gives the anesthetic to my child?

Your child will be given general anesthetics by professional anesthetists. These doctors are specially trained to administer anesthesia to patients before any procedure. They also know best on how to look after their patients who have already fallen asleep because of the anesthesia. Anesthetists will stay with your child at all times while the treatment is still going on.

How is the anesthetic given?

There are certain methods on how an anesthetic is given. It can either be through:

  • A face-mask which will be placed over your child’s nose.
  • An injection using a cannula, which will be injected into the vein found on the back of the hand. Your child would be free from pain when the cannula is being injected since an anesthetic cream could be applied to the child’s hand to make the skin numb.

Your child’s first dental treatment does not need to be a terrifying one. Call us today at (800) 717-KIDS to know more about general anesthesia for kids and to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!