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As pediatric dentists, the staff at Children’s Dental FunZone are just as concerned about permanent teeth as they are about primary teeth. Primary teeth, otherwise known as baby teeth, are the first set of teeth that grow in the child’s mouth during infancy. Primary teeth are functional and can be used by the child for many years, with proper care. When primary teeth fall out, they are replaced by permanent teeth. Pediatric dental specialists at Children’s Dental FunZone advise parents to take special care of their children’s primary teeth, because they are essential in the overall development of the child’s mouth and will affect their ability to chew and talk. Since primary teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth, an infected baby tooth can cause staining or damage to the tooth that will replace it. In addition, several factors are dependent upon the proper growth of primary teeth including the development of the muscles of the jaw, the development of the jawbone, determination of the proper spacing for permanent teeth, and guiding permanent teeth eruptions.

Around the age of six, a child’s primary teeth may begin to fall out and make room for permanent teeth. They usually fall out in order that they first erupted, with the lower teeth falling out before the upper teeth. Sometimes, children get crooked permanent teeth because their primary teeth fell out prematurely and were not able to serve as guides for the growth of the permanent teeth. Also, premature loss of a primary tooth may result in crowding and leave limited space for the new tooth to grow in.

When a primary tooth becomes loose, you can assist your child in removing it by holding the loose tooth with a piece of gauze or tissue and removing it with a quick twist. You can wait a few more days if the tooth is not loose enough to fall. Consulting with the dentist may also prove to be beneficial as he can advise whether it would be best to just wait for the tooth to fall out, or set an extraction date for it.

When children start losing their primary teeth, it is vital that they learn the importance of proper dental care. Always remind them to brush their teeth at least twice a day using proper brushing technique and show them how to floss properly. You should also help them make better food choices to prevent tooth decay from developing on their permanent teeth. By taking them to their regular dental visits at Children’s Dental FunZone and assuring that they care for their teeth at home, you can help them have a beautiful smile from birth to adulthood.