Most teenagers enjoy telling their parents that they are not children anymore. They use this statement for a multitude or purposes related to the strong desire to make their own decisions and have more personal freedom. These years can be challenging, but ultimately, you kids are learning to take care of themselves and lead the productive, independent lives that we want them to have.

A normal teenage complaint is often related to doing the same things that younger siblings are doing. They may even be telling you that they feel to old to go to their childhood dentist. And it’s true that pediatric offices are designed to operate differently than adult offices, and not just in layout and style.

Should you let your teenager stop going to the pediatric dentist?

Even though it’s true that teenagers aren’t children anymore, growth and changes are still happening in their mouths. Adolescence is actually an important period of years to keep seeing the same dentist who has been taking care of them since they were little. Here’s why:

Pediatric dentists are specially trained to meet the unique needs of adolescents

Teens are are going through many changes that, without the proper care and treatment, can negatively impact their oral health, including:

  • Experiencing growth in their faces and jaws
  • Getting the last of their permanent teeth
  • Wearing braces
  • Making their own food choices
  • Taking responsibility for their hygiene

An idea that can keep you both happy

Tell us if your teen has expressed a desire to see an adult dentist. Then ask them if they’d like meet with us to talk about their concerns. The dentist can explain all the ways a teenager’s dental needs are special, demanding the specialized training that a pediatric dentist brings to their treatment.  We can also tell them that many of our teen patients are reluctant to ever leave, seeing us until they’re 18 or 19 years old.

Kids will have to manage their dentist care some day
It only makes sense for them to start co-managing during the teen years. Have your teen call us for their consult today: (800) 717-5437