When a child loses a tooth or two, many parents often shrug off the “insignificant” event because they’re baby teeth. However, there can be much more to your child losing a tooth than you think.

The problem with missing teeth

While a child’s primary teeth, or baby teeth, are only temporary, they can be lost earlier than they would fall out naturally due to trauma and tooth decay. When a baby tooth is removed from its place, there is a tendency for the remaining teeth to shift into the open space that was created. Baby teeth are tasked with guiding the permanent teeth into their proper location, and a gap can create havok.

Introducing space maintainers

A space maintainer is a dental appliance that is especially made by the dentist to keep the baby teeth from moving into the open space created by a lost tooth. Made from either metal or acrylic material, maintainers may be designed to be either removable or cemented into the child’s mouth. By “maintaining the space” these appliances allow the permanent tooth to erupt in their proper place.

Wearing space maintainers

After the dentist finishes crafting your child’s space maintainer, it’s up to you to help your child get used to the appliance in the next few days. This includes teaching the child how to properly clean the maintainers. It is also best to promote proper tooth brushing and flossing practices to help your kid maintain good oral hygiene.

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