Because parents often wonder when to come and bring their children to visit the dentist for the first time, the dental experts at the Children’s Dental FunZone highly recommend that as soon as a child has teeth or is old enough to brush his teeth on his own, it is time for parents to consider visiting a dentist and having their children’s teeth and gums checked. Even though baby teeth are not permanent and will generally fall off when the child is about six years old, is still very important to make sure that these primary teeth are healthy because they are essentially saving spots for permanent teeth, and permanent teeth may not turn out so great when the primary teeth fall off prematurely.

First-time dental checkups are generally a getting-to-know-you appointment between your child and his dentist. Dentists take advantage of this initial meeting to build a friendly and unintimidating relationship with the child so that she can put the child at ease with the idea of regular dental visits. It is more often the parents who may have initial concerns about visiting the dentist for the first time, but keep in mind that, at this point, the children have not been to a dentist appointment yet and they do not know what to expect. Keeping the mood light and friendly when visiting the dentist for the first time makes the child feel comfortable about doing it again the future.

Choosing a dentist that is specially trained to accommodate the needs of children is equally as important as deciding when to bring your children for an appointment the first time. A pediatric dentist will have specific knowledge about children’s teeth and will be highly trained in dental procedures that your child will need, and things are ideal things to look for when deciding which dentist to bring your children to.

At the initial appointment, the dentist is more likely to do a quick check of the child’s teeth and gums, than conducting a lengthy and complicated assessment. Keep in mind that children at this age have very short attention spans and may become agitated when asked to sit still in the chair for a very long time. The parents may play an active part in this process, the dentist may ask them to sit in the chair and hold the child while he does the quick physical check. Based on the results of the initial check, the dentist will let you know when to bring the child back in for the next appointment. Generally, children are also recommended to visit the dentist every six months to maintain optimum oral health.