When you get braces, you generally have to wear them for several months, if not multiple years. Given the duration of orthodontic treatment, there is no reason not to have some fun with it, trying to make your braces experience as personalized as possible. One way to do that is by selecting different colors.

Patients with braces can choose a color for the bands on their braces, or even select different colors for alternating teeth. There is a full range of colors to choose from, but which colors are best?

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Braces

The color you select is purely an aesthetic decision, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, there are a number of considerations you can make as you try to decide which color will look best on your teeth.

  • Choose your favorite color. If you have had the same favorite color for a long time, that makes it pretty easy to select the desired hue for your braces.
  • Pick the rainbow. You could also go in the other direction, not choosing a color at all. Instead, take all the colors, going full rainbow with your orthodontics.
  • Match the colors to your outfit. If you tend to favor the same colors in your attire, you might consider picking braces bands that complement those colors. This can be especially smart for those who wear school uniforms, donning the same set of colors each and every day.
  • Get into the holiday spirit. If you are getting new bands put on just before Halloween, Christmas, or St. Patrick’s Day, why not make your braces colors as festive as can be? Choose colors that correspond with the current holiday season.
  • Show team spirit. Still another way to choose colors for your braces is to coordinate with the colors of your school sports team, or a favorite college or pro team.
  • Go clear. Finally, remember that you do not have to select a color at all! Ask your orthodontist about clear aligners.

Get Braces That Match Your Personality

Getting braces is not without its fun side. Use your orthodontic treatment to highlight your personality or simply to show off your favorite hues. Learn more about orthodontic options by calling Children’s Dental FunZone directly.