Education starts at home. This old adage applies to oral hygiene, as well. Your kids, no matter how young, should already have an idea of how to properly take care of their teeth. Starting early is key to forming strong habits that can greatly improve and maintain their oral health for the rest of their lives.

It is important for your child to have a reliable, experienced dentist who can meet his or her individual needs. During your child’s regular visits to the dentist, you will be given instructions on how you can properly guide your child down the path to optimum dental health.

When to start

When teaching good dental habits, it is always better to start early, even as early as your child’s first birthday. Early prevention can save you and your child the cost and hassle of dealing with dental conditions later on.

Integrating good dental habits

Brushing might be a simple process for adults, but it could be difficult for your little one. You may brush your child’s gums, even when he or she doesn’t have teeth yet. Use a baby toothbrush or a soft washcloth to gently clean your child’s mouth.

When your child’s teeth erupt, it is important to brush them twice a day using an infant toothbrush and a toothpaste with fluoride. When teeth have touched each other, it is also better to teach your child how to floss as early as this time. You can ask your dentist for further guidelines to effectively teach your child the right way.

Bad dental habits can lead to tooth staining and decay. Prevent these from happening by having your child’s teeth regularly cleaned and checked by a pediatric dentist. Call us today at (800) 717-KIDS for a free consultation.