If you usually hear your child grind his or her teeth when sleeping, do not ignore it because that habit can pose some harm to the teeth structure.  Fortunately, you can protect your child’s teeth by acquiring a children’s night guard or sports guard in West Covina, CA at Children’s Dental Fun Zone.  Night guards can prevent your child’s teeth and jaws from teeth grinding at night customized to fit right to the mouth of your child.  A sports guard’s main function is to protect your child’s mouth from trauma that can sometimes happen when playing sports.

It is important that children wear a night guard or sports guard that is the right fit and comfortable or else you may find it hard to persuade them to wear it or they simply won’t wear it.  Today, you can find ready-made night guards or sports guards of different varieties in sporting goods, drug stores and some dental offices.  But, usually these ready-made mouth guards which are usually less expensive may not fit and can’t be adjusted to your child’s mouth.  The fitting of over the counter mouth guards may be worse or less comfortable and can’t fully protect your child’s mouth.  On the other hand, customized mouth guards are designed specifically to fit your child’s mouth for full coverage and protection of all the teeth.

Children’s Dental Fun Zone makes sure to offer a customized mouth guard for your child’s comfort and convenience.  The best sports or night guard are those that are customized by a dentist.  Dr. Fariborz Rodef of Children’s Dental Fun Zone will first evaluate your child’s mouth before it’s customization  and will properly determine the type needed based on your child’s activity or sports involvement.

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