Hearing your child’s dentist point out the problems in your child’s teeth may be the last thing you would want during a dental visit. As much as your child may dread his or her first trip to the dentist, it is usually as nerve-wrecking to have to see your child go through dental treatment — even if it’s just a dental filling.

Stay calm at all times

When you receive the not-so good news from the dentist, you may find it hard to relay the message to your kid, especially if you are quite anxious about the procedure. First of all, be calm, confident, and relaxed. Explain things in a positive manner. Tell your child the truth, even if they are the most basic of things. If you fear the dentist yourself, it might be better to get your spouse to take your child to his or her filling appointment instead. In times like this, calmness must be your front and center.

Quick, painless procedure for your little one

As much as possible, quick and painless are two words that you would want your child to experience when getting dental fillings. Especially for those who are getting several teeth filled at once, the use of nitrous oxide or laughing gas can reduce anxiety and help your kid stay put during the entire process. Some kids may not be suitable for this method and may require an oral sedative instead. You can discuss this option thoroughly with your doctor.

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