As a parent you are primarily the one who can guide your child’s dental health.  Fortunately, if you are a parent and residing in California, you can book your child’s first dental visit before his or her first birthday at the children dentistry in California more specifically at Children’s Dental Fun Zone.  You have a lot of convenient choices through the different dental facilities of Children’s Dental Fun Zone where a pediatric dentist in Eagle Rock, West Covina, Montebello and Montana are just waiting for your child’s dental care needs.

Early steps for your baby’s dental care must start from you as a parent.  Keeping your baby’s oral health must start early when he or she starts teething.  Once the baby’s primary teeth start to erupt, usually after his or her 6 months of age, this period is the starting point to take care of his or her oral health.  You can initially start to clean the gums and the newly erupted baby teeth after each bottle feeding with the use of gauze or a wet washcloth and avoid feeding him milk or juices that contain a lot of sugar ingredients.

As you begin to notice that some of the primary teeth are emerging, you can start to teach the child the proper way of brushing and later on train him or her in the correct way of flossing when more teeth are emerging.  When teaching basic tooth brushing, use only a pea size amount of a fluoride toothpaste suitable for children.  It is also a good idea to bring your baby during your regular dental visit so that he or she will get used to being with a dentist and have a familiarization with the environment of a dental facility.  Oral hygiene training and practice coupled with your guidance as a teacher and a role model for your child can greatly influence your child’s thinking of the importance of dental health.

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