At some point in your life, you may experience dry mouth but only a few know its connection to an increased risk of tooth decay.  That is why the Children’s Dental Fun Zone in California offers pediatric dental sealants in California which can be a saving grace for dry mouth sufferers.

Patients with dry mouth are susceptible to dental cavities.  Dry mouth is caused by insufficient flow of saliva from the salivary glands and saliva plays a very significant role in dental cavity protection by breaking down the starches and neutralizing the cavity causing acids.  Saliva also provides ions to keep the teeth strong and coat the teeth with protective nutrients.

The insufficiency of saliva production can be caused by stress, medication and neurological factors.  Children and adults alike who experience dry mouth are suitable for dental sealants.  Dental sealants are ideal for children’s molars which they may often neglect when brushing their teeth.  You have to note that the molars and the grooves in the teeth are hard to reach areas and dental sealants can effectively protect these areas against tooth cavities.

Sealants are pain free and can be done for just a few minutes with benefits of cavity protection that may last for years.

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