There’s nothing more adorable than a young child with missing front teeth. It’s even charming that the missing baby teeth affect their speech, as they memorably spit and lisp their way through childhood conversation. But sometimes children experience premature tooth loss, which can negatively affect not only their smiles, but also their confidence. If you have a child suffering from premature tooth loss due to decay or an accident, you should learn about a treatment that can put the teeth back in their smile until their permanent teeth can take over.

Benefits of Pediatric Partials

These dental devices can take the place of your child’s missing baby teeth in order to:

  • Restore natural appearance
  • Prevent adjacent teeth from drifting out of place
  • Support normal speech
  • Maintain normal mouth structure

Pediatric Partials are Composed of Prosthetic Teeth

The pediatric partial is secured by fastening it to your child’s existing teeth to create a normal, toothy smile. Pedi-partials are important also because they can retain the structure and functionality of the teeth and the mouth.

Keep Your Child Smiling

A pediatric partial can also help your child feel better about his or her appearance so that they can smile, laugh and talk without feeling self-conscious about missing baby teeth. The partial can remain in place until your child’s own permanent teeth begin to erupt, and can then be removed.

Is Your Child Missing a Baby Tooth?

When a baby loses their tooth early, or if there is an unexpected baby tooth loss, your dentist may suggest a space maintainer to keep that spot open and safe until the permanent adult tooth emerges in the course of their natural development.

Pediatric Partials Need the Same Good Care as Natural Teeth

Food and bacteria can build up around this orthodontic appliance, so it’s essential that your child’s pediatric partial is brushed daily, just as it’s important that they brush their teeth twice a day. And your child may need your help and supervision to make sure the cleaning is taking place, and properly. If brushing causes any discomfort or bleeding at first, you should make sure sensitive areas are still cleaned effectively. Your child’s gum tissues will adjust to the partial, and your child will, too.

Learn More About Pediatric Partials for Premature Tooth Loss

It’s a fairly simple procedure to equip your child with temporary teeth, and it’s an investment in their permanent teeth and smile.

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