Having crooked or misaligned teeth may not affect us health-wise, but it can surely affect our perception towards self. While teens and adults are usually the ones who are bothered by the appearance of their teeth, children can’t help but feel bad about bad teeth, too – especially when this becomes a source of teasing and bullying from their peers. As a parent, you have to look after your child’s teeth and provide a solution!

Getting dental braces 

Braces are dental devices that are placed on misaligned teeth to move them to their proper position. These dental contraptions are commonly used to achieve straight teeth as well as enhance the relationship of our teeth to the jaws. Not only are braces used to improve teeth structure, but it can also be obtained for aesthetic purposes.

Braces are made of brackets that will be bonded to teeth, in which a metal wire is inserted through them. These metal wires will be tightened by your dentist to allow the brackets to move your teeth into the proper positions.

Who can get braces? 

Dental braces may be obtained by children and adults alike. If you notice any problem with your child’s teeth, it is best to have him or her undergo orthodontic evaluation when your child reaches seven years old. A consultation will determine any need for dental braces or other orthodontic measures. Having your child treated early will provide better and more successful results.

Getting braces is not merely for those who want to achieve straighter teeth. Individuals who have difficulty with their bite can also get braces. However, when there is a significant crowding of teeth in the mouth, the dentist may have to perform dental extractions to achieve desirable results.

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