As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher and you have to be a good role model especially in terms of oral hygiene.  Your dental health aim for your child can be best accomplished with the assistance of Children’s Dental Fun Zone which is a children dentistry in West Covina and the rest of the four different dental facilities in California.  Dr. Fariborz Rodef is one of the dedicated professional dentists of Children’s Dental Fun Zone who can provide the best possible dental care needs for your child.

Some parents are not very familiar with the proper steps that will be taken so that their child can start early with their oral hygiene.  You have to properly establish with your child the proper oral hygiene by teaching, training and educating him or her at an early age. Your child should be aware of the importance of keeping the teeth and mouth healthy at all times to also increase their overall health.

By simply following the following guidelines you can properly play your key role for your child’s dental health:

  • Demonstrate – your child will learn what they see from your own practice of a dental hygiene at home.
  • Schedule the first Dental Visit – should be before his or her first birthday.
  • Teach and Supervise Proper Teeth Cleaning – start to teach your child to brush twice daily with a pea sized amount of children’s toothpaste.

If your child needs some dental help, you better keep in touch with children’s dentistry such as the Children’s Dental Fun Zone.

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