Nitrous Gas

Sedation for Dental Procedures in Los Angeles

In each of our state of the art treatment rooms, weather it be in Los Angeles, Montebello, or West Covina, we offer nitrous or laughing gas to help children feel more at ease during their treatment.

What are the benefits of nitrous, or laughing gas?

The pediatric dental experts at the Children’s Dental Fun Zone often make use of nitrous gas because it is a safe and effective way to help alleviate some of a child’s dental anxiety. The child has the gas placed on his or her nose using a special nose piece. This nose piece comes in various different fun flavors, like strawberry or bubblegum. By simply focusing the child’s attention to smelling the sweet flavors, the child can be distracted, which prevents them from focusing on the sounds and potentially uncomfortable feelings they experience during treatment. The nitrous gas itself also decreases their gag reflex, keeping the child from wanting to throw up during treatment, and enhances the numb feeling they have, so the child feels more comfortable.

How does nitrous gas work?

Nitrous gas, or what is commonly known as laughing gas, is a combination of nitrogen and oxygen and is administered to the patient with a fitted facial mask that goes over the child’s nose. This mask delivers the gas into the patient’s system to effectively sedate him. During the delivery of nitrous gas, children will smell a sweet aroma that will give them a sense of relaxation and well being, similar to feeling giddy. Nitrous gas exerts it effect by raising the pain threshold and making the child more comfortable during the procedure. It may also appear to the child as though time has moved quickly. After the treatment, letting the child take in regulated breaths of oxygen will reverse the effects of nitrous gas.

How does nitrous gas combine with pediatric oral sedation or local anesthesia?

If a child needs to be under pediatric oral sedation in order to have his/her treatment completed, the pediatric dentists in Eagle Rock and Fontana recommend using both the sedative drugs and the nitrous gas. These sedation tools work together to make the child as calm as possible throughout the course of treatment. Research shows that using nitrous gas also decreases the child’s response to pain, making them feel more numb after the placement of local sedation.

Is nitrous gas or laughing gas safe for children?

Nitrous gas is potentially the safest sedative that is being used in the dental industry. It has a rapid onset affect so that children reel its effects almost instantaneously as long as they breath through their nose. Once the treatment is completed, it is immediately reversed by having the child breath in oxygen for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, the child is free to go back to school or continue daily activities without feeling any residual affects. Finally, nitrous gas is completely adjustable, so that the right dose is given for every child. These features make it an ideal sedative for any patient, especially anxious children.

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